Mary Jane Bascom Solomon

Painter of landscapes,


furry and feathered friends,

and other fancies

In watercolor, pastel, or whatever is available

A New Hampshire native, Mary Jane came to the coast to attend the University of New Hampshire. During that time she earned her BFA and fell in love with the seacoast area, making it her home ever since. She currently lives in a 1743 colonial in Kensington, NH with her husband, Bob, dog, Marlee, cat, and occasional chickens. Her three amazing children have, for the most part, grown and moved on, but are always welcome when they return home.

Oil painting was Mary Jane's concentration while in college. After graduation she took various courses in illustration and design and worked as a graphic artist in an advertising display company as well as freelance illustration and layout, back in the day before computers. Motherhood absorbed her for many years but as the little ones became big and she found more time, Mary Jane signed up for watercolor classes. Though attracted to the medium for its loose, fluid quality, tight control and detail is more her style, and she's O.K. with that. After a recent visit to a Pastel Society exhibit in Portsmouth, Mary Jane was enthralled with the vibrancy of the pigments and has begun playing with this dry medium. Dirty, dusty hands aside, she's loving the results.

Growing up on a small dairy farm way out in the boonies and being blessed with wonderfully compassionate parents can be credited for fostering her appreciation of and connection to the world we live in and its fellow inhabitants. Mary Jane is rarely seen without her camera as she uses this tool to capture fleeting moments that are constantly catching her eye. She primarily works from her own photos, combining and tweaking elements to create a satisfying composition. She thinks of her paintings as thank you notes for the experiences awarded her by her subjects.

Mary Jane is grateful to her husband for the many years of encouragement and support, and to her kids for tolerating all those 'projects' in the name of fun. Well, she had fun, anyway.

Mary Jane is a member of the New Hampshire Art Association and the Seacoast Artists Association. She exhibits regularly at the SAA Gallery on 225 Water Street in Exeter, NH where she also acts as assistant gallery director. Visit their website for more info at

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